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Achieving Results 

There is no one perfect way to eat or exercise for fat loss, lean muscle mass and overall health. The Bolduc Method is as close to the perfect roadmap.

The three critical pillars – eating right, exercising correctly and doing both regularly – is the blueprint for The Bolduc Method and together, work extremely well.

These three important components to optimal health and fitness form the basis of our lives at Bolduc Health + Fitness.

Working with clients ranging in age and fitness levels, we offer semi private training (2 to 3 people), small  group training and nutritional coaching.

Dedicated to helping clients reach their diverse fitness and nutritional goals, we offer a broad range of services including:


We place an emphasis on designing customized fitness and nutritional programs that reflect each client’s unique needs.

From assisting you with the goal-setting process to ensuring you maintain the results that you achieve, our attention to detail and commitment to your success are second to none in the industry. Our clients can testify to this fact.

At Bolduc Health + Fitness, results are reality.

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I’ve never known what to do at the gym. Now I can go to the gym on my own and execute things on my own. I’m now familiar with nearly every piece of equipment in the gym and what muscles they target. I’ve had personal trainers in the past but have never lasted this long or stayed this consistent. That’s a true testament to Martin being able to keep me interested and motivated.

Chris Stampe


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