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Meal Planning Made Simple and Healthy

There is no one perfect way to eat or exercise for fat loss, lean muscle mass and overall health. The Bolduc Method is as close to the perfect roadmap.

The three critical pillars – eating right, exercising correctly and doing both regularly – is the blueprint for The Bolduc Method and together, work extremely well.

mealThese three important components to optimal health and fitness form the basis of our lives at Bolduc Health + Fitness.

We want you to be successful. Our commitment to you, is to you give the simplest and most effective meal plan to reach your goals.

How do we do this?

We invite you to meet with us where we discuss your goals, lifestyle, challenges to date and anything else that impact your nutrition. We then do a nutritional assessment of your current eating habits, perform body fat measurements and design a nutrition program specifically for you.

If you are struggling with your nutrition goals, want to fine-tune your nutrition to optimize your athletic performance or daily well-being, or just need help getting started with eating healthier, contact us for your personal and customized meal plan.


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I received a detailed meal plan to follow, with delicious recipes and ideas for a healthy, well-balanced diet. Martin advised me to put more protein into my meals, which I thought would be counter-productive. However, I ended up losing 10lbs in 6 weeks while eating far more than I normally would have! The difference was that my meals were nutritious and balanced. My nutrition and over all physique improved in such a short amount of time.
Narges Emami

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