We believe in balance, simplicity, optimism and good health. Every day, we’re physically active, mindful of our nutrition and connect with people. Supporting you in your wellness journey is what we do best. And that’s fulfilling.

Martin Bolduc offers customized fitness training and nutritional planning. A certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, Martin is devoted to giving his clients the support they need to reach their fitness, weight loss and nutritional goals and live fuller, healthier lives. Read More

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People are saying…

David Hunter

“I am 62 years old, and in spite of some of the issues we all face with age, I am in the best shape of my life and look forward to many years of activity and enjoyment!”

Corrine McConchie

"For the past three years, Martin is the reason I go to the gym. Either I meet him there or go by and for myself because I have learned how to make my time there count."

Clarry R Smits

“In the two months that Martin has been working with me, I have attained a level of fitness that I have not had in decades”

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